About Us

BUON Clothing is a mum and pop shop from the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Everything we produce is made here in Melbourne, championing high quality, local manufacturing.

BUON stands for fun, family, and unconditional love - all the things that make us feel uplifted, safe, and free to be ourselves.

We believe that every body is a BUON body. That's why our sizes range from XS to 8XL. Now everyone can express their personal style in a way that is colourful, warm, and incredibly comfortable.

Our kids sizing covers every growth spurt from 3 months to 12 years. We hope to see many families proudly parading around in matchy-matchy BUON sweatshirts in the months and years to come.

The BUON team is committed to sustainability, making special considerations in regards to sourcing eco friendly packaging, and figuring out creative ways to reduce the amount of waste we are producing from our raw material scraps.

We hope to keep you snuggly this winter.

With love,

Gavin & Natalie Robson xox

Gavin and Natalie Robson