Care For Me

To care for your beautiful sweatshirts and other fleecy BUON items, we recommend the use of a good quality, colour safe laundry detergent and an equally as colour friendly fabric softener.

We advise to turn the garment inside out and place it inside a wash bag on a cold cycle, either by itself of with other similarly coloured items.

The wash bag helps to prevent polycotton fragments from getting into the water supply, and also stops rogue lint from attaching to your other items.

Our jumpers are known for being the most snuggly sweatshirts on the planet, and with great snuggability comes great fluff - usually this settles down after the first wash.

You can also do a dedicated fleece wash if you have multiple items of similar weight fabrics. We do a lights fleece and a darks fleece here at home ourselves.

In terms of pilling, we are waiting on some gadgets to arrive to patch test how best to remove the little fluff balls that form on the parts of the garment that receive the most friction (ie, under the arms, on the low bottom half, etc).
Please watch this space for more.

Your BUON sweatshirt and sweatpants will last for years, regardless of how it is laundered. These are just some tips to keep your BUON looking its BUON best.

Your BUON sweatshirts and sweatpants are:
• Almost entirely unlikely for the colours to run in the wash
• Light fast and are resisting to fading
• Hydrophobic (this means it can take a while for water to penetrate the fabric)
• Stain resistant

If you have any specific questions, please reach out to us at