Welcome to the BUON Warehouse Sale!

We've been happily using my nanna's house as the BUON Warehouse while she lived in her nursing home, but earlier this year she passed away at 101 years of age. Now my family wants to sell her house, so we gotta clear everything out!!


Never have I received so many compliments on a jumper, nor have I had so many excited people when they see me in it and know that it’s BUON! Great quality, Australian made & insta worthy. What more could you want?


The most comfortable and cosy jumper I’ve ever worn. Made absolutely beautifully with every detail perfected 👌🏼 PLUS super cute to boot!

About BUON

A Family Business

BUON is run by husband and wife team, Gavin and Natalie. Natalie does all the design work and illustration, and Gavin does all the embroidery and heavy lifting. Together they've successfully roped their family members into coming along for the ride; modelling, making tags, packing online orders, and working at the BUON shop.

Arturo and Ginevra

Arturo and Ginevra are our happy little bear mascots. The storyline of BUON is lived through them, reflecting our values of fun, family, and loving one another. Their friendly faces adorn most of our products, and act as a daily reminder to embrace the sweeter side of life.

Featured in Frankie

BUON has been featured in Issues 101 and 114 of Frankie Magazine, distributed Australia-wide. Natalie and Gavin were interviewed for Issue 101 about how they find working together as a couple, and for Issue 114, we made a hot water bottle cover. BUON also received an online press write up on the Frankie website when we first launched.


Popping up near you soon

The BUON Shop is a traveling shop. We regularly take this show on the road so that our customers can have an opportunity to shop in person and come say hello. So far we've held kiosks at Fountain Gate, Melbourne Central, South Melbourne Market, Westfield Doncaster, popped up with Ego Expo, attended streetwear and pop culture conventions, and also had a temporary store at Melbourne Central. Where will you find us next? Follow along our journey on Instagram or join our email newsletter to stay in the loop!

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